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"THE Fundamental Primer for Sales Enablement Programs. Meagan Davis writes this simple to use primer on a cornerstone and fundamental practice for any company of any size. Her knowledge, practice, and experience shine through in each chapter of the book as she clearly illustrates through her practical experience how to best start-up a sales enablement program, ground up. Highly recommended as an excellent starting point for any level sales enablement practitioner."

-- Donna Kayarian Chiacchia

Is the content right for you (or someone on your team)?


This book is intended for sales enablement: specialists, managers, and leaders. It is also recommended as a starting point for anyone who wishes to transition into a sales enablement role, or making their first sales enablement hire.  


None. This is an approachable, entry-level book. 

That sounds like a fit, but what is it about? 


How to Start a Sales Enablement Program is an introduction to the field of sales enablement. It is a guidebook for anyone starting out in sales enablement, hiring their first sales enablement employee, or just interested to learn what sales enablement is.

The contents include descriptions of common sales enablement programs and instructions for how to build them. The book contains example discovery questions, survey frameworks, and metrics that readers can take and apply immediately. It also includes suggested practice activities and actions to take, for readers who are actively searching for their first sales enablement job.

All lessons are codified from the author's personal experience building and leading sales enablement programs at high tech companies. The book provides an honest, refreshing, practitioners take on this emerging field.

Independently Published (February 8, 2023)