"Street Cred"

Our track record, via people we've delivered results for. 


Founder & CEO, Advantage Consulting

"Meagan Davis exemplifies all the attributes of an innovation leader. She is fearless in promoting cutting edge best practice for sales enablement and has a keen sense of “what’s next”. Her visionary prowess empowered her to negotiate and create a world class new hire orientation program that was piloted and won rave reviews by executive leadership. She “leveled-up” the program into an unconventional delivery format, placing her company’s new hire orientation head and shoulders above most Fortune 500 companies. It was a true joy to work with her. She epitomizes what it means to live in a perpetual cycle of profitability."


Founder & CEO, Selling Power Magazine

"When Meagan takes the stage at our Sales 3.0 Conferences, people listen. Why? Because she speaks with authority, passion and conviction, when she talks about sales enablement. She always offers practical, actionable ideas that make the audience take notes to replicate her best practices. Her presentations are an infusion of substance and sagacity, leaving a lasting impact."


SVP, Americas - SecurityScorecard

"Meagan built and led the global sales enablement program & supported partner enablement while at CyberArk. The program increased the skill and knowledge-level of the sales team and our partner ecosystem, and helped the company achieve strategic goals such as transitioning from selling OnPremise to Subscription/SaaS. Her data-driven approach helped me keep my managers and team accountable, and content timely and relevant!"